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IDmap Institute developed a unique methodology of assessing the risk management and security needs of organizations. Our team addresses current and possible Security threats.


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Development of Learning content for your training needs: subject development, creation of learning modules and tests, teaching faculty and personnel.


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Learning support is a critical part in online learning. IDmap Institute offers top-quality academic and professional support for learning needs of your organisation


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Analysis of training needs, preferences on corporate learning, suggested materials, LMS and modes of learning.




IDmap institute provides solutions for needs of:

Private organisations – One-by-one evaluation of materials and needs of the lecturers, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience.

Schools, colleges and corporations – to address specific needs of education sector, IDmap Institute has developed top technology, highly flexible solutions. Although tested numerous times, our solutions are compatible with other environments.
IDmap Institute offers a suite of services featuring:

IDmap Institute offers a suite of services featuring:

Online IDmap Institute content (e-learning, videos, animations, live lessons, peer learning and PBL, etc) in 2 languages: English and Hebrew.

Knowledge assessment system including the development of prescriptive quizzes, personal learning development plans and comparative learning progress reports.

Any kind of 3rd Party content can be embedded and given full or restricted access.

Full documentation for teachers and students as per usage, uploading and accessing materials in the learning environment.

Chat and video tools for interacting and communicating with learners, monitoring progress and sending reminders, including live video, forums, active chat and peer revision.

Reporting, testing, tracking and management tools, on managerial level and by learners themselves.

In-house and external training on one-by-one and group level for guidance and platform support package which enables effective deployment and continuous operation of the solution.

Our customers enjoy learning methodology services based on continuous research by IDmap Institute.

Our Institute developed high-end tools to advance and support best online learning programs.