Our Customs and Border Protection Officer course teaches measures taken by a country to monitor or regulate borders. Border controls are put in place to control the movement of people, animals and goods into as well as out of a country. Specialized government agencies share best practices to perform border controls. The agencies perform various functions such as customs, immigration, security, quarantine, beside other functions.

Credit towards: Security Management Certificate Program

Course Curriculum

Sources of Authority 00:45:00
CBP policies and Directives 00:45:00
Establishing a level of suspicion-CBP 00:45:00
Chain of Custody for CBP 00:45:00
Crisis response strategy for CBP 00:45:00
Law of evidence for CBP 00:45:00
Criminal law for CBP 00:45:00
Types of offences for CBP 00:45:00
Terrorism explained for CBP 00:00:00