Our investigation officer course teaches the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives. Means of information gathering are both overt and covert and may include espionage, communication interception, crypt-analysis, cooperation with other institutions, and evaluation of public sources.

Credit towards: Intelligence Certificate Program

Course structure:

IDmap Institute prepares trainees to legal investigations, usually leading to proof and intelligence that aids our learners in mounting a protection. We offer customized options created for every learner with personal guidance by our top-notch trainers. Our objective is to offer a excessive return by offering top learning quality, exceeding our trainees’s expectations.

Course Curriculum

תשתיות תקשורת בערים חכמות 02:10:00
Criminal law for ISO 00:45:00
Types of offences for ISO 00:45:00
Chain of custody for ISO 00:45:00
Computer fraud for ISO 00:45:00
Crimeware or Malware analysis for ISO 00:45:00
Closed-circuit television for ISO 00:45:00
Computer and network surveillance for ISO 00:45:00
Hidden camera for ISO 00:45:00