Credit towards: Cyber Education Certificate Program

Course structure:

Learners of emergency communications officer online program will learn the scenario based situational solutions. The communications of emergency response managers had been tracked throughout simulated catastrophic occasions. Local, state, federal and international Security response routines utilizing a wide range of communication media with the intention to examine the utility of latest communication channels for emergency response administration. Social, electronic and printed media will be used and analyzed together with the capabilities to provide continuous and coherent communication, and the patterns that will emerge will be described and quantified.

Course Curriculum

Corporate social media for ECO 00:00:00
Crisis communication for ECO 00:45:00
Crisis response strategy for ECO 00:45:00
Business continuity planning for ECO 00:45:00
COBIT for ECO 00:45:00
Governance, risk management and compliance or GRC for ECO 00:45:00
Insider breach for ECO 00:45:00
Cyber espionage for ECO 00:45:00
Crisis management for ECO 00:45:00