Cyber Security Practitioner Course teaches to monitor and assess the threats specific to your organisation, enabling you to swiftly and effectively mitigate risk and strengthen your cyber resilience. Going beyond the technical feeds, you’ll learn to contextualize the relevant threats, helping determine the risk to your organization.

Credit towards: Cyber Security Certificate Program

Small and Medium sized businesses of below 500 employees are increasingly targets of the cyber attacks, according to last reports. The average loss of each organization as a result of the attack is 190 thousands US dollars.

This Cyber security practitioner course teaches the basic concepts of cyber security is 9 steps, providing vocabulary, descriptions of most common ways the intruders can harm your business and particular guidance on how to avoid the damage. The course based on industry standards, featured literature, self paced tests and quizzes and tools on how to increase your level of security in the Cyber space.

In accordance with training regulations by Israeli Cyber Authority.

Course Curriculum

Antivirus and firewalls for CSP 00:45:00
Backup and recovery for CSP 00:00:00
Big data for CSP 00:00:00
TCP/IP and IPSec for CSP 00:45:00
Cyber risks identification for CSP 00:45:00
Situational awareness for CSTS 00:45:00
Kill chain for CSP 00:00:00
Anomaly Detection for CSP 00:00:00
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) for CSP 00:45:00