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Badges & Certifications


Badges are credits to get immediate access to advanced courses and collect credits for Certification.

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Certificates are inaugurated after completion of the course or program requirements. Studies are evaluated by our Faculty.

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Transferable badges

Get badges of Internationally recognized system of verified skills transfer for global mobility of knowledge.

Collectible credits

Learners obtain single course credit for each course within the Programs towards the Certification studies.

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Cyber Security in Smart Cities

September 15,2018 / 0 Comments

According to expert estimations, in 2018 70-80% of adults connected to the internet use a smart...

Social Engineering

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

The aim of the course is to develop awareness on risks involved in Social Engineering threat....

Surveillance Officer

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

Surveillance and biometrics Officer - Level #1: Learn to observe and understand threats from the...

Cyber Security Basic Training

June 18,2018 / 2 Comments

Suspicious email? New employee was granted all-system access? How safe is your data in the...

Middle East Security Analyst

June 18,2018 / 5 Comments

Middle East Security Analysis Introduction: Learn to read and understand threats from the Middle...

Public Transport Security

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

Our Public transport security Course teaches measures taken by a mass transit system to keep its...

Political Campaigns on Internet

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

The internet has become the new major playing ground for political campaigns.  Political...

Investigation and Security Officer

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

Teaches the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence in support of...

Identity Access Manager

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

The course teaches methodology and hands-on training of technology to provide Enterprise wide...

Cyber Security Practitioner

June 18,2018 / 0 Comments

Course teaches to monitor and assess the threats specific to your organisation, enabling you to...

Counterintelligence officer

June 14,2018 / 0 Comments

Counterintelligence training officer course – Learn about information gathered and activities...

Hacked Democracy

December 14,2016 / 0 Comments

Elections became an useful tool for cyber terrorists to influence outcomes of the elections by...

Cyber Security Technology Specialist

December 14,2016 / 0 Comments

The course provides knowledge in most common Cyber Security technologies and tools for proficient...

Cyber Security Methodology Specialist

December 14,2016 / 0 Comments

The course prepares learners to Certificate Level Cyber Testing in cyber methodology. Course...

Cyber Forensics Specialist

December 14,2016 / 0 Comments

The course provides Certificate Level knowledge for learners to copy with tasks of conduction of...

Cyber Penetration Testing Specialist

December 14,2016 / 0 Comments

The course provides theoretical and training materials for Penetration Testing Specialist...

Cyber Security Trainer

December 01,2016 / 0 Comments

Training for cyber awareness, risk management and resilience is an urgent requirement and need of...

Network Security

September 01,2016 / 0 Comments

Network security course teaches the tools and the policies adopted to prevent and monitor...

Security Manager

December 09,2015 / 0 Comments

Course description: Teaches the identification of an organization's assets (including information...

Customs and Border Protection Officer

December 08,2015 / 0 Comments

Trainees of the course obtain intensive coaching in Immigration International and...

Personnel Security and Relocation Officer

December 08,2015 / 0 Comments

Teaches practices of law enforcement agency under the Homeland Security Act, responsible for...

International Immigration and Security Officer

December 07,2015 / 0 Comments

Immigration officer - Level #1: Learn to understand regulation and waves of international...

Educational Technologies at Glance

November 25,2015 / 0 Comments

Educational technologies of 21st Century include Learning content and management systems, learning...

Educational Software Training

February 02,2014 / 1 Comments

The course offers and trains most popular and widely accepted educational software environments....

Emergency and Communication Officer

February 02,2014 / 0 Comments

Social media spreads news on Cyber breaches in light speed. Without fast and coherent reaction on...